Supporting Employees: Substance Use

Substance Use Isn’t Easy to Spot: How to Take the First Step So Employees Get the Help They Need

Substance use costs Canadian employers  20 billion each year in lost productivity alone. Businesses have made significant gains supporting employees as they face mental health challenges. Yet substance use remains steeped in stigma, and it’s estimated only 1 in 10 seek help.

So how do you know that you need a substance use benefit if you can’t see it?

What you will learn:

– The signs and impacts of substance use in the workplace
– The most pervasive myths surrounding substance use
– Organizational benefits and strategies to change the conversation around substance use

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Webinar: Women & Substance Use

How Untreated Substance Use May Widen the Gender Gap in the Workplace

Alcohol is a causal factor in over 60 health conditions, including heart disease and cancer and costs employers over 15 billion a year. Addressing substance use guarantees healthier, more productive employees a stronger bottom line and most importantly, retention of a vanishing resource: female employees.


Dr. Terri-Lynn MacKay PhD, clinical psychologist, clinician and researcher in the addiction field for 20 years, advisor with ALAViDA
Dr. Charlotte Ross PhD, registered nurse, registered psychiatric nurse, nurse researcher, and nurse educator
Sandra Jackson Benefits Consultant at Coughlin & Associates

About the Webinar:

Women bore the impact of pandemic-related stress.  They juggled their own work from home, while managing most of the house and child responsibilities. And it’s women who continue to staff the majority of front-line worker positions, especially in health care.  It’s no wonder women report a 41-percent increase in their heavy drinking episodes! As 1 in 4 women now considers working part time or quitting we need to explore all the ways in which we can keep women on the job. With this crisis employers have a unique opportunity: to improve their benefits and include substance use treatment that works for women.

What you will learn:

– The connection between legally available substances and lost productivity costs
– The post-pandemic pattern shifts and the opportunities to revert the trend on declining women’s participation in the workforce
– The effects of alcohol on the human body and the added impacts for women
– Organizational benefits and strategies to change the conversation around substance use

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COVID-19 & Productivity

Productivity and Implications of COVID-19 at Work

White Paper: Learn about the Implications of Productivity on Work During COVID-19

Research shows that mental health and substance use costs the global economy 1 trillion USD per year. Did you know that 3/5 employees experience mental health challenges and only 1/3 reach out for help?

Stigma can play a significant role in silent suffering, but opening up the conversation about mental health at work decreases stigma and enhances productivity. Employers can play a unique role in supporting the development of workplace growth and employee wellbeing.

You’ll learn:

For an in-depth look at the effect of substance use on productivity in the workplace, download ALAViDA’s latest white paper.

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